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SoundMAGIC brand strategy

SoundMAGIC is committed to innovative design, precision manufacturing, and worldwide distribution of high quality audio products. By providing customers with superior products and service experience, we earn trust from both customers and our global partners. Through long term steady growth and adherence to our vision, SoundMAGIC endeavors to become a leader in the headphone industry.

SoundMAGIC brand values

SoundMAGIC always strives to provide customers with high quality and cost-effective audio products, and delivering customer satisfaction through service. We build our brand on the philosophies of hard work, creative innovation, trustworthiness, and collaborative sharing.

SoundMAGIC Brand Features

SoundMAGIC is a purveyor of products with good sound - any product we produce must have good sound.

SoundMAGIC brand EXPANSION plan

SoundMAGIC relies upon consumer audio products as the foundation, and will expand into professional audio and specialized industry-specific audio products.

SoundMAGIC brand management plan

· Develop product roadmap based on market demand

· Maintain existing sales channel structure of overseas distribution and domestic direct sales

· Optimize overseas distribution network along with strict market regulations to ensure sustained healthy brand development.

SoundMAGIC brand vision

SoundMAGIC envisions building strong relationship of trust between its employees, consumers, and global partners. In this relationship, consumers will receive value through an enjoyable product usage experience, while our global partners grow collectively with our employees, taking on a deep sense of pride for the SoundMAGIC brand.

SoundMAGIC Marketing Strategy

  SoundMAGIC employs an overseas distribution and domestic direct sales model, under which overseas markets are divided into regional territories according to distribution agreements. For those regions which SoundMAGIC has already identified a sole distributor, we will not establish any additional direct retailer relationships or engage in direct online sales. Under this strategy, SoundMAGIC overseas market growth is largely constrained by the ability of individual distributors. If a distributor is able to market effectively, sales in that region will grow quickly. In anticipation of the case that a distributor does not market effectively while other distributors are excluded due to the distribution agreement, SoundMAGIC must establish a distributor performance review and elimination strategy to ensure the long term healthy growth of the brand in that region.

Specifically, SoundMAGIC’s marketing strategies include the following aspects:

1 distributor qualification standards

Our selection of distributor partners is based on the core principle of focusing on the future, instead of looking at the present. Only those distributors who can meet our needs for future development can truly become our long-term partners. Therefore we seek distributors that demonstrate the following qualifications:

· Rather than current sales volume, we value abilities such as brand promotion and product knowledge. A potential distributor that offer a large sales platform, but cannot effectively market new products or our brand is not the type of distributor we would select.

· An effective distributor has the responsibility for carrying our full line of products. A distributor that can only effectively sell popular models and is unable to generate sales for other models is not appropriate.

· A distributor must have good market management capabilities, and is focused on long term interests rather than short term quick profits.

2 reasonable goals for sales and annual growth expectations

Because different countries have different degrees of economic development, we should consider these differences in assessment of distributors by setting region-specific sales volume targets.  SoundMAGIC will be launching new products every year to generate natural sales growth. As such, setting reasonable annual sales growth targets for each distributor is sensible. In turn, distributors will motivateSoundMAGIC in meeting schedules for completing new product development projects.

3 Product selection based on local Market and economic conditions

For economically underdeveloped countries, distributors can concentrate on low cost models and higher sales volume, so that more consumers have the opportunity to experience our products. For economically developed countries, distributors may be more focused on the promotion of mid to high-end products, as this will help build brand image and contribute to overall sales performance.

4 new product launches and global synchronization

In order to leverage each distributor’s resources to full potential, and to maximize the effectiveness of new products upon release, we have a need for a unified product release plan.  Under the leadership of SoundMAGIC, a core group of distributors will be involved in formulating new product marketing plans to ensure content accuracy, identify main selling points, and assess how the product meets the needs of different consumer groups. The new product marketing plans will be first written in Chinese, then translated into English, and finally into other languages.

5 marketing information network for real-time sharing of marketing resources

Utilizing SoundMAGIC’s official website as an information hub, we will collect, organize, and share each region’s marketing case studies and experiences. This will help the distributors in each region to establish recognition and trust with consumers.

6 market demand analysis for New product research and development

SoundMAGIC will develop a market demand survey, with active participation from distributors in investigating and reporting their local demand. After receiving demand feedback from distributors, SoundMAGIC will set priorities and develop timelines for new product projects based on importance and economic considerations.

7 marketing Credit Program

In order to encourage distributors to actively promote new products and the SoundMAGIC brand, SoundMAGIC will put in place a cooperative marketing plan. This plan will provide additional growth opportunities for capable distributors and help them establish long-term partnerships with SoundMAGIC.

At the end of each performance year, SoundMAGIC will calculate 2% of the distributor's annual purchase amount and provide it as a marketing credit to be applied towards future product orders. This marketing credit will not be provided as a cash refund. To ensure that this credit is effective as an incentive for engaging in marketing activities, we have established the following requirements for all distributors:

(1) A distributor must perform brand marketing activities, with evidence of such activities passed to SoundMAGIC for confirmation. Evidence may include links to the activities, discussion forum product evaluations, magazine and newspaper print publications, television programs, and etc.

(2) For each new product, a distributor must make targeted promotions and provide evidence to SoundMAGIC.

(3) Strictly manage and monitor local market sales activities to prevent grey market goods, MAP violations, and other activities that may harm SoundMAGIC’s brand.

(4) Effectively perform customer service, preventing consumer complaints and maintaining high satisfaction rate.

(5) Actively collect demand information and provide feedback to SoundMAGIC. Overall communication with SoundMAGIC is should be proactive and frequent.

(6) Focus on SoundMAGIC brand marketing, and provide SoundMAGIC with monthly, quarterly and annual reports containing timely feedback on local market conditions. Distributors who do not view SoundMAGIC as a core interest will not receive marketing credit.

8 Distributor elimination Framework

Our goal is to maintain the vitality of SoundMAGIC, such that we perform effectively in the face of fierce market competition. Our need to build an aggressive team of distributors means that we must eliminate those distributors that do not act in accordance with our goals. Instead, we will provide opportunities to those partners with the ability and creativity to execute, and together we will work to create our shared future.


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